Thursday, March 10, 2011

Frederic Bazille

I've created this blog as a means to organize information about the pre-impressionist painter Frederic Bazille. I am doing extensive research and writings on him and will be posting essays and a biography I'm writing on his life as well as posting quality images of his paintings and sketches.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Study of Trees 1863

Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine (copy after Veronese) 1863

Study of Saint-Sauveur 1863

Au jardin 1864

Femme nue de dos 1864

Reclining Nude 1864

Small Farmyard (Saint-Simeon) 1864

Soup Bowl Covers 1864

Two Harrings 1864

The Pink Dress 1864

The Dog Rita Asleep 1864

Macreuse 1864

Study at Fontainebleau Forest 1865

Landscape at Chailly 1865

Vallon en foret de Fontainebleau 1865

Rue de village 1865

The Improvised Field Hospital 1865

Seascape (The Beach at Sainte-Adresse) 1865

Saint-Sauveur 1865

Frederic Bazille with Palette 1865

Studio at the rue Furstenberg 1866

Poissons 1866

Little Italian Street Singer 1866

Flowers 1866

The Terrace at Meric 1866

The Little Gardener 1866-67

Portrait of Edmond Maitre 1867

Studio at the rue Visconti 1867

Portrait of Alfred Sisley 1867

Portrait of Renoir 1867

Portrait of Renoir 1867

Gate at Aigues-Mortes 1867

The Western Ramparts at Aigues-Mortes 1867

Aigues-Mortes 1867

Dame sur la terasse de Meric 1867

The Rose Laurels 1867

The Family Gathering 1868

Heron 1867

Self-Portrait with Detachable Collar 1867-1868

Sortie de bain 1868

Portrait of Paul Verlaine 1868

Young Woman with Lowered Eyes 1868

The Fortuneteller 1868

Vase de fleurs sur une console 1868

Fisherman with a Net 1898

View of the Village 1868

Frederic Bazille at Saint-Sauveur 1868

Portrait of Edmond Maitre 1869

Mauresque 1869

X-ray of La Mauresque ca. 1869